Thank you for visiting my site! Truly appreciate you and if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out.  Maybe you are here because you need a senior photo shoot or maybe you are interested in having a beautiful mural on the side of your business, well you came to the right place!

I like to consider myself a bit of a Renaissance Man.  Music and art have my heart, but my forte is videography.  I attended the Illinois Institute of Art and graduated with a bachelor's degree of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production in 2016. Currently working at WAND-TV as the Creative Producer where I have been for 5 years.  My stunning wife Katie and are blessed with three daughters and we just bought a house on the West End of Decatur.  Truly lucky to have a partner who not only supports my passion but works with me side by side.  Last year we began a family business Hangin' with the Harrises and have been happily vending events since.  Katie makes beautiful madrame and I make the art.  A working tagline is, "You can come hang out with us, or you can find something to hang on your wall. Together we are Hangin' with the Harrises!" 
If you would like to work together click the "contact" link at the top of the page to get the process started.  Thanks again for visiting my page and I look forward to working together in the future.
Kowan & Company | 10-14-22
Kennys West Side Pub | Peoria, IL
Full Album is live now + Video Recap Coming Soon
Roger Walker Mural 
The INC Spot | Decatur, IL
Roger E. Walker Jr. was the first African American Sheriff in Illinois, serving in Macon County from 1998-2003. Walker is member of the Decatur, IL Hall of Fame and IL Route 48 has been memorialized as "Roger E. Walker Jr. Memorial Highway".  On July 12, 2022 Representative Sue Scherer on behalf of the State of Illinois introduced the mural as an official historical landmark. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Corey, Tammy, and the whole The INC.Spot family for letting me be a part of history! The photo above is from the official unveiling of the mural July 7th, 2022. The community came out on this beautiful day to support a true hero for Decatur, IL. We heard stories of Roger’s legacy and accolades from members of his family as well as Senator Doris Turner and State Representative Sue Scherer. Other distinguished guests included but not limited to his brother Pastor Thomas Walker, Sheriff Jim Root, and Regan Deering. Today was amazing and has filled me with plenty of inspiration! Proud to live in a community that supports local art.
Summer Camp Music Festival 2022
Chillicothe, IL | May 26th - 29th
Best Scamp ever, just wow! 
This year Katie and I truly had a magical experience with many firsts, unforgettable memories, and we both left with our love tank full. So grateful to have a partner who not only supports me in every way but was a great camera assistant all weekend long. Plus selling art on Sunday as Hangin' with the Harrises was a blast and we sold out of our posters, WOOT WOOT! This is our third year doing the renegade thing, and we had a lot of repeat customers.  Plus sold out of this year's limited edition run of posters featuring the "Peaceblaster" design. Thank you so much to everyone who supports me and Katie's dream, we couldn't do it without you!
Still on cloud nine from my first experience on the media team; a little over 200 gigabytes of footage/photos, 5 interviews (The Magic Beans, Dopapod, Canabliss, Cofresi, Big Gigantic), Scamp Field Day recap, and enough footy to make a sweet recap of my own. Learned a lot from some very talented people and had a blast hanging with the camp counselors. Everyone was amazing and it truly was an honor to be on the team! Last but not least a HUGE SHOUTOUT to Rob K.; thank you so much for giving me the chance and believing in me! Also had the privilege of filming to shoot photos/film two of my good friends' sets: Troubleshoota and Dj Tim Williams.  Thank you both for trusting me! Thank you to Scamp and all of the Scampers! You are beautiful and can't wait to share the epicness that I capture!

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