May 2022
A beautiful peace in my developing style that features floral shapes and geometry.  This particular piece means a lot to me and was inspired by the songs "Peaceblaster 68' & Peaceblaster 08" by STS9 off their album with the same title.  The songs lead the album at track one and two consecutively setting the tone for one of my favorite albums.  Several hours wrapped up into this piece and I am asking $425.  Price is a bit of an easter egg, my birthday is 4/25/91.  | STILL AVAILABLE |  The blue and green dots are UV reactive.  The background is matte, and the shapes plus the flower are gloss which creates a nice sheen when the light hits it creating a greater contrast to the image.
Mother Earth

Featuring my lovely wife Katie, this is the first design/artwork that we are releasing under our new brand Hangin' with the Harrises.  Loving how she turned out! This design was used as the second installation of my Summer Camp Music Festival poser series.  The first in the series was "Three Shroom Sisters" that also featured Katie as the model posing in three positions with her heads replaced with shroom caps.  Once our newest baby girl is born the 3rd and final installation to the series will feature all three of our daughters as the "Three Shroom Sisters v2".  A cool Easter egg in the poster above is on the barcode, you can see our daughters birth dates and the new one's expected date!
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